FEEO silicone cap protected by European patent law

With our cap you can close and open your laptop without the need to remove it

Very aesthetic, highly flexible and easy to use silicone cap. However, its most important feature is that it can be used as a gadget for advertising purposes.

High-quality material and gadget workmanship make the logo applied on it remain in the memory for much longer than quickly turned off commercials in other media.

High-quality product protected by European patent law. No tapes and adhesives.

CEO & Founder

Convenience and simplicity

Convenient and easy to use owing to the flexible form. You can close and open the laptop without removing the cap.

Positive impact

Owing to the material and the marking method both the product, as well as the brand image are extremely durable.

Marking method

It is possible to apply any image on the cap surface via laser marking. Wide product range.
Wide product range

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Other products

Other products

Below we present a range of information for individual products. If interested, please contact us.
Cable organizer

Cable organizer

Would you like to get rid of the entangled chargers within your sight? We offer a high-quality cable organizer made of stainless steel.
Magnetic cap

Magnetic cap

Trying to meet the customers halfway, we introduced a magnetic cap. Its stainless-steel finishing provides a very noble appearance.
Silicone cap

Silicone cap

Very aesthetic, highly flexible and easy to use silicone cap. However, its most important feature is that it can be used as a gadget for advertising purposes.
Services for the most demanding customers

We provide high-quality and very efficient services to our customers

We offer marking, engraving and cutting using a modern CO2 laser, as well as UV overprint technology, we also have our own graphic design studio.

Graphic design studio

We employ a team of specialists dealing with graphic design. We will develop a custom and unique design that you will be able to use to mark our products.

UV overprint

UV printing is a process utilizing the full-colour printing technology. In parallel to the printing, the ink is exposed to UV light.

Laser CO2

We provide services in the field of CO2 laser marking. Laser technology enables highly precise application of any shape on most of the materials available on the market.
A modern machinery park and a team of specialists

Reliable, effective and technically advanced solutions!

Our company combines the capacity of all necessary departments to enable developing highest-level marketing materials for our customers.

Quality control system
Our company has implemented a proven control system, which enables manufacturing products exhibiting high quality.
Guaranteed 100% satisfaction
We have already completed hundreds of tasks for our customers, who successively keep returning to us with new orders. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.
Our team is made up of professionals
Our company employs specialists from many fields, who are open to cooperation with you at every stage of order processing.
Thorough testing processes
Owing to the completion of very accurate and long-term tests, we have implemented an original manufacturing solution for our products.

Our advertising gadgets are a novelty on the market

The offer is addressed at companies that want to increase their brand awareness, while simultaneously improving the security of their customers. Ads displayed on the screen of a computer, or a TV are shown for several seconds to a few minutes and perceived by internet users as “distractions”.
Whereas such a cap, is placed on a computer by its user deliberately and consciously, and the logo it encompasses is seen every day, for a long time.
The target group comprises approximately 13 million internet users in Poland.

Our offer

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